When you hire Abby Industrial to oversee your plant expansion or mechanical system installation, you get a team of people who know what it takes to keep a job on schedule and on (or under) budget.

As the Owner’s Project Manager for industrial projects throughout New England and the U.S., Abby Industrial can help you realize the following:

Complete project management

We specialize in heavy-duty gritty projects that require a thorough knowledge of industrial processes, construction, environmental concerns, plus all the insider expertise needed for getting through local, state, and federal red tape.

Our job is to oversee the entire project for you. We start with the project objectives, then map out the entire process, from budget and permitting to equipment purchases and bidding out projects.

Risk mitigation

We vet and hire the right contractors for all aspects of the projects, as well as troubleshoot on the fly.

For example, during the design phase, we’ll ask questions, such as, “How will you get the equipment into the building?” or “How will placement affect maintenance and other issues?”

We ask about your goals and objectives, proposed lifecycle, environmental considerations, and a whole lot more – and then make recommendations based on your feedback.

Big picture, little details

We’re experts at managing multi-year installations with million-dollar budgets. We’re on the job when you’re not – acting on your behalf.

But, we also sweat the small stuff, like a $1,600 change to your control system so you can see alarms offsite on your phone or tablet for your multimillion dollar stormwater treatment system. It’s the little things like this that make a huge difference in the long run.

View our Projects page details on how we’ve helped business owners complete big projects – on time, and on budget.

A few of the companies we partner with:


“Tom Stanek is an exceptional, hands-on leader and manager who always found the time to talk a difficult situation through to its completion. He can find a solution to any problem, and encourages team collaboration and participation from all levels of management and labor. He’s truly invested in doing projects the ‘right’ way whether from a safety, environmental, financial or ethical viewpoint. A straight shooter with a high ethical standard.”

— Jeanne Schmeichel, Regional Environmental Manager, Hugo Neu Corporation