“As an Owner’s Project Manager, Tom Stanek is personable, respectful, and trusting. His strength is that he understands construction, design, and how his clients’ operations work. He freely shares this knowledge with others – including myself, electricians, plumbers, anyone on the job site. With Tom, everyone is on the same team with the same goal – a happy client – versus two sides or two teams. I’ve worked with him for over three years and have learned a great deal from him. He does an excellent job balancing being a boss with being a mentor.”

— Cody Barnes, Project Manager, Methuen Construction

“Abby Industrial filled our manpower gap and got our project moving again. After thinking through the steps to mitigate our risk through a cross-border, multilingual project, Tom and his team took over. They found qualified contractors, executed the work, and followed through on completion. Pretty hands off for us. Completely satisfied with the results.”

— Paula Chu, Finance, US Magnesium, LLC

“I worked with Tom Stanek for three years during the time Tom was leading the rebuild and expansion of the Surrey yard, a project encompassing sixteen acres and a dozen new buildings, including an all new shredder facility.

“This was a massive multi-year project with innumerable variables and risk as the facility was in constant operation. Tom’s ability to make everyone feel at ease, and help them see the bigger picture, while always staying calm, is what helped him maintain the timelines and budget.”

— Ian Stewart, IT Project Manager & Team Lead

“Tom provides clear leadership, strategic focus, along with technical expertise, and incredibly strong financial and operational skills. He is a pleasure to work with, always amiable, is highly industry knowledgable, and is a willing mentor to staff and team members. An integral and dynamic leader, Tom brings a wealth of experience, common sense and engineering background, coupled with an incredibly strong work ethic, to provide myriad opportunities to those who know him.”

— Fred Kennedy, Procurement and Supply Chain Lead, Oil & Gas, AECOM

“I worked with Tom during my time at Schnitzer Steel as the National Senior Environmental Advisor. Tom is an exceptional, hands-on leader and manager who always found the time to talk a difficult situation through to its completion. He would find a solution to any problem, encouraging team collaboration and participation from all levels of management and labor. Tom could be counted upon to bring a sense of calm and control to explosive situations. He was truly invested in doing projects the “right” way whether from a safety, environmental, financial or ethical viewpoint. He is a straight shooter and has a high ethical standard.”

— Jeanne Schmeichel, Regional Environmental Manager, Hugo Neu Corporation

“Tom is an excellent project manager and consultant specializing in the recycling, shredding and metals separation industry.”

— Charlie Cyr, Senior Electrical Engineer at CUSA Consulting Corp.