Tom Stanek and his team are highly skilled in leading complex, high-profile construction, demolition, and capital equipment installation projects with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars, delivering milestones on-time and within budget.

Air Scrubber System

NH, 2017 – 2018, $10+M

Construction Management for air emissions control scrubber installation in for industrial processing. Managing design professionals, contractors, and trades for Owner to complete project in a design build approach. Steering the team to meet regulatory and operator requirements for a durable installation.

Storm Water Treatment System

Boston, MA, 2016, $10+M

Storm water treatment facility installation. Owner’s rep and construction oversight. Storage tanks, settling basins, various pumping station, and water treatment equipment for a 25-acre industrial facility in metro Boston.

Asset Recovery

Montreal, Canada, 2016, $1M

Properly dispose of 300 MVA, 400 ton transformers, which had been stranded for some time. This $1M project included contracts in two languages, risk mitigation, and bid/award and project monitoring through clean site documentation.

Industrial Recycling Plant

Vancouver, Canada, 2011-2013, $53M

Provide Owners Project Manager services for a $50M project. Oversaw the installation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing lines, heavy maintenance building, retail and whole receiving facilities, remote site improvements, a corporate office building, and storm water collection and treatment system.

Shredding Plant Upgrade

Puerto Rico, 2011-2012, $13M

Shredder renovation, power generating plant, non-ferrous plant upgrades. Project management, planning, and procurement.

Recycling Plant

Casa Grande, AZ, 2009-2010, $10.5M

Relocate shredding system 1000 miles and install at green field facility. Planning and civil construction of a green field processing facility.

DOD Iraq Recycling Project

Baghdad Iraq, 2007-2008

Participant as a subject matter expert in plans to develop the scrap recycling economy in Iraq to put people back to work while supporting reconstruction & renovation of the steel making industry. Developed plans for a regional recycling system at all levels of collection, transport, and processing up through steel making.

Paper Mill Demolition

Coastal Georgia, 2007-2008, $24M

50,000 ton fast ramp up project. Secured key scrap sales agreements, transportation contracts, and leased processing equipment. Developed training, safety, environmental and administrative controls. Successful safe completion to take advantage of high scrap prices, quick take down, and successful wrap up.

Paper Mill Asset Recovery

Northampton PA, 2007, $1.5M

Remove stainless alloys from a newsprint recycling plant. Maximize asset recovery revenue in a short period of time while preserving buildings and saleable assets.

Plant Upgrade & Mega Shredder Facility

Boston MA, 2005-2007, $36M

Transform heavy industrial recycling plant on an urban deep water port. New world mega shredder, civil upgrades, utilities, storm water collection, and buildings. Project Manager.