Abby Industrial works with owners of industrial facilities to oversee complex, multi-million-dollar facility and plant expansions, and processing systems installations.

Whether you need a new office building or an air scrubber system installed to meet environmental regulations, we represent you, the owner, for all aspects of the project.

Helping you maintain project timelines and budget

As your Owner’s Project Manager, we help you determine how to save money before the project starts, ensure compliance with state or local regulations, and run lifecycle cost analyses to help you understand how the new system or project will pay off in the long run.

We regularly tackle the gritty industrial projects that require a thorough knowledge of design-build, multiple systems integrations, and Federal and state regulations. We also ensure minimal disruption to your production schedule and quickly troubleshoot and resolve the “little” issues that lead to big delays and cost over-runs.

Examples of industrial projects we’ve managed for owners of industrial companies:

Air and water system installations

Installed to reduce pollutants such as VOCs, trace metals, oils, and hydrocarbons out of the air and water, these industrial projects often require advanced planning and involve many disciplines to integrate into existing systems. As the OPM, we keep the project moving forward for you.

Building and plant expansions

From office build-outs to expanding a plant to accommodate new equipment or systems, we provide planning advice and can oversee procurement and the hiring of subcontractors and trades.

Processing and industrial applications yards

With decades of expertise in the scrap metal industry, we have the know-how for managing the installation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing lines and non-standard industrial applications.

A few of the companies we partner with:

  • Sly
  • CECO
  • Woodard Curran
  • ESS Group
  • Watertechtonics

“I worked with Tom Stanek for three years during the time Tom was leading the rebuild and expansion of the Surrey yard, a project encompassing sixteen acres and a dozen new buildings, including an all-new shredder facility.

“This was a massive multi-year project with innumerable variables and risk as the facility was in constant operation. Tom’s ability to make everyone feel at ease, and help them see the bigger picture, while always staying calm, is what helped him maintain the timelines and budget.”

— Ian Stewart, IT Project Manager & Team Lead